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Get Closer to The "212 Action" Noise"

National conflict looked increasingly warmer, Is it true that our peace and peace in the nation is being harassed by a group of "noisy people" who are forcing their political will?


Mainstream Perspective 

In a mainstream perspective that is restricted from the global conditions (the world), it is indeed surprising, DKI Jakarta which is making many improvements of various problems such as flooding, traffic congestion, extortion, corruption, the quality of public services, etc, become "heated up", when the figure who considered as the real perpetrators those changes, fight again for the election of Jakarta governoor.

Then followed by a loud reaction that rolling a snowball that known as "212 Action" refusal against Ahok, Basuki Tjahaya Poernama (Candidate Governor of DKI incumbent) due to his statement, "lied using Al Maidah verse 51". They are a group of Muslims who are offended by the statement of ahok

But, The endorser and supporter of Ahok judged "212 Action"as a noise and forced ego.


Global Perspective

To understand the "212 Action" it must indeed widen the point of view by looking at the global situation (the world).

The World as of shelter billions of human being towards the era of natural selection as a result of the shrinking regions of the world will be eligible to live.

The cause is to be the ongoing " Global Crisis ", namely:

1. Fossil Energy Crisis (Backup is only sufficient for 41 years longer)
2. Crisis feasible areas of Water and Food (Around the year 2043, only the equatorial region that is sufficient)


These data are easy to find in various sources that we think is valid. Can you imagine? The condition of the earth will be like a cruise ship that will sink, where countries on the equator track like small lifeboats that can only hold a handful of humans. Then the superpowers who are not in the lifeboat, like a group of possessed guns, must save their families by robbing the lifeboats. 

Indonesia as the longest country crossed by the equator, a fertile country as the lungs of the world, a country with lots of natural resources, is sure to be seen as the greatest and most valuable lifeboat that is most valuable for the super powers to be seized.

It is not an exaggeration to anticipate the potential threat posed by the superpower, they are rescuing, by seizing the countries with oil or countries that have food and water resources (countries at the equator)

Currently if we observe, colonization is ongoing, both with economic weapons and with military weapons through proxy wars.


Proxy War

Proxy war is A war that occurs when an opponent uses a third party as a substitute, to fight each other (Wikipedia).

For example, State A and State B are competing to colonize State C, then in State C will be created an internal conflict, which makes the parties in Country C have the potential for hostilities to fight each other, where each party will get support from the State A or B was to fight..

After Country C is destroyed, the State whose party has won, will enter as a "savior" and take payment for its support. That's what happened in the Middle East.


Economic War

War with this economic weapon is very effective, by way of "world class practice of riba" a country can be colonized.

This is not a new thing of course, the difference, if previously the player is "a group led by the United States" (actually is the Federal Reserve Bank, learn who is this?),

There is now a new player, this country is currently aggressively playing in the African continent, it is RRC (China) group allied with Russia, Iran, and so on.

Perhaps some people think this analysis is too much. Does the aid (Read: Debt with Interest and other terms) be similar to colonialism?

Simply put, we are agrree that colonialism is the same as robbery, but does giving debt equal to robbery?

As we all know, debt will only lead to forced extraction, only if the "debtor" does not meet the agreed obligations? Then "why are you calling a robber"?

It is normal, isn't it? What is happening in Zimbabwe, Angola, South Africa can not it be called colonization? Because they already enjoy the debt from China,

What's wrong? It is fair, when China as a lender gets benefits when the debt is not paid.

Yes, it seems there is nothing wrong if your private home is confiscated because you do not pay the debt

But if someone owe it with "our shared house" guarantee, he must have the consent of "all house owners" about the terms of indebtedness, to whom owed, for whom the use of the debt, how to repay the debt,

Would we agree if the "house we share" is made into debt guarantees by someone without our consent?

Are we willing to pay installments from debt we do not know? The use of money is not for us, and the risk is we lose our homes, because of someone who feels the authority to call "us" but does not include "us".

This is what makes us say, someone of us has "robbed" us.


"Got Cold" Indication Triggered A Noisy Action

Going back to the "Global crisis" issue, as the best lifeboat, The community "action 212" does not seem to see this election from the local perspective.

They see our leader that  have the authority to call "us" but do not include "us" Has "got cold".

They let the potential threat from the superpower who wants to seize our lifeboat came, both through economic war and proxy war.

The protest should not only be done by the "community 212 but we all should portest.

In an economic warfare, if it were not for the "noisy action", our fate would be like those countries in Africa.

In proxy warfare, if it were not for the "noisy action", the seeds of Shia and communist ideology would surely also be a ticket and make Indonesia a proxy war arena.

Learning also from the history of Indonesia, the NKRI fighter was once regarded as a "noisy people" that destroy the peace and integrity of the Hindia Belanda.

From a naïve point of view, The Hindia Belanda government built cities, built the longest Anyer-Panarukan transport line, roads, railways, harbors and others that may be of international standard?

Why do we in the past have to fight the Hindia Belanda government?

Because the "noisy people" are aware, that it's all that is built is not for us, but for the ease of their infrastructure in colonizing us.

So the question is, who currently really loves NKRI?

Wallahu a’lam bish-shawab

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