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It was only a matter of time before the big brands started rolling this smart-room technology. But what will be even more interesting is seeing which brand's approach works better in a hospitality setting, and is more appealing not only to guests but to hotel owners, too. Hilton is currently beta testing this concept in a handful of hotels, and the company intends to expand this feature to more hotels worldwide in And last week, Skift got a firsthand sneak peek of this new guest room experience.

The other shows both owners and consumers what that experience could be like in already existing hotel rooms, with minimal construction or infrastructure changes.

Company my hotel room

Marriott just began showing the rooms to owners and consumer focus groups last week, and after some feedback, Khalifa and his team will then begin to decide if and how to initiate a formal pilot in different Marriott hotels. But how they respectively plan to achieve this goal involves two different paths.

Company my hotel room

As a result, consumers are starting to demand at least the same level of technology in the hotel guest room. The hoteliers that get this right will gain the loyalty of the next-generation traveler. But translating the smart home experience into the hospitality world, and getting it right, presents a variety of challenges related to cost, infrastructure, and security, among many others. I have all that in my own home.

That is the future. Whether we use that existing tech or some other voice-activated mechanism has yet to be determined. The real brick in the road is trying to get the Internet of Things upgraded to the net-connected appropriate part of the network. One year later, those strategies for bringing the smart home into the hotel room are beginning to become much more apparent.

For now, the extent of the smart home technology being brought into the hotel room consists of an Amazon Echo in every room, as is the case with Wynn Resortsfor example. Other brands, Marriott and Best Western included, have also piloted the placement of these voice assistants in hotel rooms.

How can they make that a seamless transition when they travel? And do all the same things? That will be challenging. Another challenge is the ability to deal with a variety of devices. How do you connect all of those devices together easily and be able to trigger an action easily? Hilton has invested heavily in its mobile app technology over the past few years, including adding Digital Key access and giving loyalty members the ability to pick their own room when checking in via mobile.

Company my hotel room

Last year, Mody, together with a group of students, worked on pitching a smart room concept to Park Inn by Radisson hotels last year. Burge added that Hilton is currently in negotiations with a variety of streaming media partners as well, and that it is still identifying other tech partners it may want to work with going forward. Shown here is the model for a newbuild hotel room. The all-white de was meant to be brand-agnostic. Source: Marriott International. Marriott, unlike Hilton, is not building its own technology from the ground up.

Instead, it has decided to partner with Legrand and with Samsung to bring its own IoT guest room to life. Khalifa said he was inspired to work with the two companies after attending a conference hosted by Legrand back in November The enterprise-level platform works not only for Samsung products, but also third-party devices and clouds securely. Together with Samsung and Legrand, Marriott has built two different prototype rooms, each programmed with different scenarios for three different types of travelers: a yoga-minded meeting planner; a frequent road warrior; and a family of four on vacation.

He emphasized that only Marriott would have access to guest profiles and data to ensure guest privacy. In the newbuild room, some of the tech features on display include a smart mirror; a smart art frame; a smart shower and faucet and for now, an Amazon Show for voice-activated commands.

Guests can easily adjust the lighting, temperature, humidity, curtains, artwork, etc.

Company my hotel room

Sensor presence technology knows when you get out of bed at night and automatically turns on red nightlights that guide the path to the bathroom. It also knows how many people are in the room and adjusts the amount of oxygen in the room accordingly. Company my hotel room of having customized data cables placed in the room as with the newbuild, the renovated room only requires the placement of a TV box and Wi-Fi enabled switches. Khalifa said the features will most likely also be controlled through the Marriott app eventually.

Some of the possible scenarios and use cases Khalifa described as being enhanced by this technology included the following:. So, at some point, guests may not even have to say anything at all, for their rooms to know exactly what they might need. Hoteliers risk coming off as too gimmicky if they just do some small type of integration — like having a voice assistant in every room — but going all in on the whole suite of technology available today is just as risky if not more because of the costs and the fact that the technology is still a work in progress.

He said brands will have to make the case to owners that not only can this technology streamline operations, but that it also has added revenue potential, including cross-selling and enhance selling opportunities, and the ability to leverage better guest data. And for that, tying this technology to loyalty programs will be crucial. Another thing for the hotel companies to consider is how to scale this type of technology accordingly for different brands and varied guests: Do they offer less or more functionality based on the chain scale or type of hotel property?

As for which hotel company has the superior strategy for incorporating IoT into the hotel guest experience, the jury is still out. If Marriott decides to incorporate this into their app, too, it would be a killer app. Tags: hiltonIotmarriottmobiletechnologyvoice search. Photo Credit: Marriott's IoT Guestroom Lab is being introduced to hotel owners, developers, and consumers to give the company feedback as it considers launching smart hotel rooms across its portfolio of 30 brands. Some of the room technology, including a smart mirror, is meant for newbuild hotels. Marriott International.

A McKinsey partner has warned "digital adopters" may never see the point in returning to business travel as we used to know it. Oracle Hospitality is best known for providing full-service hotels with operational software. But this fall it has begun to go after the limited-service segment, too. Its surprise for next year will involve hotel distribution. Failed deals between a Boston real estate owner and Marriott and IHG as well as the Red Lion parent company acquisition gave Sonesta an early leg up in its growth ambition. Now comes the hard part: organic growth.

Skift Take It was only a matter of time before the big brands started rolling this smart-room technology. Deanna Ting, Skift.

Company my hotel room

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Company my hotel room

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Hilton and Marriott Turn to the Internet of Things to Transform the Hotel Room Experience