Local McCall girls

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Local McCall girls

Summer camp is a life-changing experience for all girls. And now, more than ever, girls need Girl Scout Camp and the chance to be surrounded by natural beauty and our supportive all-girl environment. As we open our camps for an outstanding summer of fun and adventure inI want to assure you the health and safety of our campers, families and staff will be our highest priority.

Nestled just outside downtown Boise, Camp Echo has so much fun to offer! With foothill walking trails just steps outside of our front door, an expansive lawn area to play games and access to the Greenbelt bike trail minutes from camp, the possibilities are endless. Welcoming all girls, Camp Echo has the joy of traditional Girl Scout summer camp in a day camp format! Come and discover the fun of Camp Echo! Every day is a new day of adventure and creativity!

Create art while listening to stories about our favorite Camp Fairy CeCe, joyfully squeal while dancing through the sprinklers, and discover adventure on a hike in the foothills! On top of all that, we will sing camp songs, go on a field trip, ride bikes and make new friends. Ready, set, create! This summer, we are letting our creative side shine! Paint a mural, play with clay, tie-dye a shirt, bead a bracelet, and create a sculpture inspired by our natural surroundings. When we are done with our art projects, we will use our imaginations to create skits, sing songs, and move our bodies to music.

Hip hip hooray! Ready for an adventure? Lace-up your tennis shoes for this action-packed week, where we will explore the local spaces around us by hiking, walking, biking, and running! Hike up a huge hill in the foothills, bike down the greenbelt, and discover trail running. When back at camp, create an awesome tie-dye shirt, cool off in the sprinklers, and have fun with camp traditions. Do you dream of being a camp counselor someday? Do you love being around little kids and all the goofy things they say and do? Girls will shadow camp counselors, learn how to lead games and songs, discover the best tips and tricks of how to mentor younger campers, improve their camp leadership skills and leave a lasting project at Camp Echo for girls to enjoy for years to come.

With your CIT peers by your side, honor your adventures and successes at the end of your two weeks with a special celebration. Squirrels, minks, and deer, oh my! Discover and explore the nature surrounding our camp. Go on a hike in the foothills to interact with the different types of ecosystems surrounding us, walk to MK Nature Center to discover different types of animals that live on land and in the water, and using our senses we will create different types of nature art. When not interacting up close with nature, enjoy our traditional camp activities including a water obstacle course, creating tie-dye, and playing with STEM toys!

Ready for a flavor explosion? us for a week of creating amazing snacks and meals! Explore different cooking and baking techniques, use new ingredients to spice up your cooking, safely practice knife skills, and create a recipe from another culture! After building your techniques and recipes, end the week by preparing a meal in an Iron Chef-style competition with secret ingredients!

Did you know that there are 60 different species of eagles? Did you know that dogs can run up to 20 miles per hour? us at Camp Echo for a week of fur, feathers, and scales! Interact safely with animal visitors and learn all about pet care.

Local McCall girls

Show love to animals at the Idaho Humane Society by creating a toy Local McCall girls them. Hey middle schoolers, do you love working with kids? us at Camp Echo for a week of discovering how to be a mentor for younger Girl Scouts! Explore the basics of how to lead games, songs, and activities and learn techniques of how to engage younger campers. Please Note: Campers enrolled in this session will complete their council-deed Program Aid leadership course and earn the LiA Award.

They will not be completing all the required service hours for the Program Aid pin during this session. Get messy with the chemistry of cooking, challenge yourself and your teammates to create the tallest tower out of just spaghetti noodles, make a car that can drive the straightest, a paper airplane that can do turns and flips, have a robot dance party, and make an epic reverse space tie-dye shirt.

Gold Award Girl Scouts have done amazing things! This may seem daunting and we are here to help you jumpstart your process! With your peers by your side, receive the required Gold Award training, tackle some of the pre-requisites including starting a journeylearn how to navigate GoGold, and discover tips and tricks on how to successfully complete your Gold Award.

Please Note: Girls will not be earning their Gold Award during this program. This is a camp session to help kick-start the process. No prior Girl Scout experience is required to attend this session. Bring your imagination to life! Discover the exciting world of drama through make-believe and play. Learn different dances on the grassy lawn, play silly games to help you stimulate your imagination, make creative costumes, de a backdrop for your show, and perform a play at the end of the week!

Back by popular demand! Grab your towel and sunscreen because we are going to have some epic water fun! Spend time each day in the splash zone doing different waterplay activities. Jump through the sprinklers, squirt each other during an epic team water battle, have a wet relay race, and create a water obstacle course. When not doing water play, participate in all our favorite camp activities including hiking, crafts, and tie-dye. Discover nature in a whole new way- from behind the lens of a camera! Go on a hike and take pictures using different perspectives. Practice with different photography techniques, use different types of cameras, and learn how to edit digital pictures.

Use your prints to create a one-of-a-kind memory album from your week at camp. Calling all bakers! What will your favorite be? No-bake cookies? Ice cream? Dutch oven cobbler? There are so many good choices! Use the inspiration around you to inspire projects using different mediums including painting, drawing, and sculpting.

Get your imagination flowing with inspiring artistic sessions. When not creating beautiful projects, participate in all our favorite camp activities including hiking, water play, and tie-dye. It takes a lot of teamwork and pizazz to put on Broadway production- camp style of course! From picking the script to the final bow, your group will de sets, create costumes, and learn all the aspects of putting on a play. At the end of the week, you will proudly present your masterpiece to the camp.

Girls laugh while singing camp songs around the campfire, cheer for each other while racing canoes, build sisterhood helping each other succeed on the low ropes course and giggle the night away over silly stories in their cabins. Country girls, they wear the same. Mountain girls just wear old hiking boots but they get there just the same- YeeHaw! us at Camp Alice Pittenger for all your favorite camp activities- shoot arrows at the archery range, make art, go swimming in Payette Lake, paddle a canoe, and gain confidence while balancing on a stand-up paddleboard.

On the last evening of camp, circle around the campfire to sing songs and perform skits with the whole camp for a picture-perfect summer. Please Note: Advanced Counselor-in-Training campers have no supervisory role over campers. Completing the Counselor-in-Training program is preferred but not required to attend Advanced Counselor-in-Training. Experience the fun of camp after dark!

Local McCall girls

Spend your nights making glow-in-the-dark crafts, playing nighttime games, having a sunset swim, and a midnight snack! Then sleep the mornings away while everyone else is awake. What is more fun than going to camp?

Local McCall girls

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