Maybe what you are seeking

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When you want something, the whole Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Time and again, philosophers from every era have propagated the idea of manifestation. It encompasses looking at life from a fairly different but a worthwhile way. The law of attraction, as some call it, or the karma makes sure that you reap what you sow. The age-old saying by Rumi teaches us to trust the Universe for bringing to us what truly belongs to us. Rumi is a 13th-century poet and scholar originally from Greater Khorasan.

This is one of the very famous Rumi quotes. When you desire something, you plant the desire into the Universe and the laws of nature work together to make it happen for you. Be clear of your intentions and put all your energy into believing in it.

The path will naturally unfold when you trust the Universe or the divine powers of nature. When you seek something in life, you put a lot of thought into it. You think about it, you read about it and you create an energy field around it that attracts similar circumstances.

Certainly, we have all heard of the law of attraction at least once in our lives. Some call it the Secret; some call it Karma while some call it fate. Similarly, different theories suggest different interpretations of the same concept.

Maybe what you are seeking

However, all theories propound to one common factor — it is what we think, is what we are. So, when we seek happiness and truly work for it, we receive happiness. A poor man with nothing to lose can be much happier than a rich man constantly worried about losing it all. If we look for it, we see it. We may not understand the real purpose of being and the existential crisis takes a toll.

Let us look at how we can find what belongs to us and how to reach it. Meditation is really a cure for almost everything in life. When you are confused and worried about what to do in life, meditation can help to clear out the haze in mind. Meditate on the things that make you happy. Dive within and look beyond the smaller purposes. In the end, what is the one thing you would have wanted to do before dying? Try to find out what you truly want and set out an intention to truly have it. The superficial happiness is temporary. We should look for things that fill each atom of us with happiness.

Maybe what you are seeking

The things that make you truly happy are the ones you should explore more. If it is dreadful and unworthy, move on and do what you truly love. It is a comforting thing to know amongst all the pressure of excelling in life. Sometimes things do not seem to go our way always.

The energy lies in the intention. If you truly intend to make something work, just believe in it. When you surrender to the Universethe element of unnecessary worrying vanishes away. NOTE Surrender does not imply lack of action.

However, do not obsess over it if it is not in your control. We have to surrender the attachment to the outcome. A mind is a powerful tool. It can both make and break your life. The obstacles along the way are just a part of the process. Sometimes, the obstacles are none other than self-made. Fear of losing, fear of judgment, feelings of not being good enough, desperation, anxiety are nothing but self afflicted obstacles.

Try to focus on the positive side of every situation. If you put aside your fear, will it still be that hard? Most things fail to happen after you fail to put continued efforts. Write down your desires in a journal. Revisit the list every night before sleeping and add anything that comes to mind. Make it a habit to do it on a regular basis.

Check after one year and see for yourself how many things you have already achieved. The energy of intention is powerful enough to manifest desires into reality. TIP Journaling may seem like a boring process. You can make it interesting using various means. For instance, use colours, stickers, cute stationery or anything that makes it interesting. Just trust the Universe for making it happen to you. Simply close your eyes every day for 5 minutes and visualize your ideal life.

Feel the vibrational energy and happiness of living that life. What is seeking you will find its way to you through your calling. TIP The internet is full of methods for visualization. Explore the methods and find out what works best for you. The more creative and real you get, the faster the manifestation.

Maybe what you are seeking

The dependency on a certain outcome, the attachment to it is a distraction to the true finding. When we attach ourselves to the outcome, we are not being completely open to the other life-changing possibilities. On the other hand, the true way to reach your destination is to trust the process. In other words, when you find clues along the way, trust that everything is alright. Sometimes, we see repeated s from the Universe in varied forms.

A lot of people see patterns or a particular word or sentence over and over again. Others wake up to the same dream they had multiple times before. Be open to s and decipher the coincidences. These might be s from the Universe to remind you of your purpose. While it is important to be goal-oriented and have an aim in life, it is also important to distinguish it from happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. It does not depend upon the outcome of certain things. When you work towards a goal just because you love working for it, the goal will automatically find its way to you. However, it is only when we fear the consequences we lose track of the journey. In conclusion, life is just a collection of happenings, it is not a destination. So, seek what you love and it shall find Maybe what you are seeking back. Bhanushree is a part-time freelance writer working full-time in the area of corporate law.

Being more on the reclusive side, she finds writing as a perfect way to channelize her thoughts. Her favorite topics are psychology, spirituality, lifestyle, travel, and food. She aims to touch as many lives as possible through her articles for TheMindfool. When you want something, the whole Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it — Paulo Coelho Time and again, philosophers from every era have propagated the idea of manifestation.

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Maybe what you are seeking

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What you seek is seeking you — Rumi