They say love will find you

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Go to Songsear. I just want the actual song. Here you go! Hi, Maybe someone can help me to find a song that I liked a lot. I only remember a few sentences from the song.

They say love will find you

A bass, a synth, a beat. Peacefull music. More than ten years that I hear parts of this song in my head. Looking for a song I heard on Hard Knocks tonight. It's when Amari Cooper is walking out to practice. The lyrics are "minute after minute hour after hour I'm get it get it yeah I got the power ready here I go ready here I go".

Lightning -Silverberg feat. Rayelle its on youtube here. Hey bro, I was looking for the same thing haha but I found it! I was working in class one day and the teacher started playing music for us. There was one song that was so freaking catchy.

It was a guy singing, it was pop, and it sounded like it was fairly new. Does anyone have an idea on what it is?

They say love will find you

Hi everyone I'm looking for a song that I believe is in the genre of Japanese Pop. It goes something like let me know, let me know, let me know boy, what could be what could be what could be. It goes like: "There's a monster underneath my bed and it calls out deep inside my head. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, everyone thinks I'm stronger, but there's a monster.

Underneath my bed. If anyone knows the song please let me know!! The Monster, Eminem Ft. My mom had a red colored single, i was 6 years old, it started with: 'I'm feeling blue, cause she's not here to meet me, but ill keep cool till i find ound the score. Hey, can someone help me with finding this song?

I heard this song on tiktok and even used Shazam to find it but there weren't anyI think it's a song from toIt's a tan or white teenage man who solo sings in his song and there's a part when the lyrics go fast it sounds like this Just what I say and just tell me that you want me.

I work at Food Lion and there's this one song that plays nearly everyday but I can't find it. It's sung by a woman and sounds a little older but might not be. The only lyrics I am able to discern are "She's on the hunt" and the chorus seems to be something like "My heart, my heart" and "My love will make you pay" or something of the sorts. Any help would be much appreciated because all the songs that show up are classic love songs.

Try recording the song if they play it so often at you job! Take care. I'm looking for a song too. I think this one is fairly recent: "she comes : round about midnight : every : time that I see her" The ":" are pauses heard on radio, but my workstation cannot hear it properly.

Looking for a song with these lyrics: "can't you see I will never walk away Ok, so I have this song in my head from around late 90's to early 's. It was by a female country singer.

They say love will find you

I can't recall much of the song other than one line and how it sounded. Can anyone help? The line: " YOU woke up, on the wrong side of me Looking for this song, should be a quite recent song. An electronic track that appears in a european Ford Focus? Both lead and bassline sound hard-synced. Ok I found this thing which will do the opposite you say the song and it will show you the lyrics and i only know part of the lyrics i need all of it it wont show the lyrics.

They say love will find you

It's an old song and I think? HEY guys need your help A song sang by a female artist Kinda give off 90s vibes Lyrics goes "When I first met you" And then some parts like "If you love me don't let me go that easily" Smething like that Anyone? It's been eating me alive fr.

They say love will find you

Hey so i know it's find songs by lyrics but i can only remember the clip so i'm taking my luck I'm searching a music with a guy eating raw eggs in the clip It came back 1 or 2 years ago The guy is also doing sport and there is a thing with a fake miror, a swimming pool and a weird calendar. Thanks for reading and a bigger thanks if you find it. Looking for a slow rnb song I'm looking for a song which is what I believe to be Asian pop of some sort. It goes let me know let me know let me know, what could be, what could be, what could be. Lol please help I loved this song!

Maybe "Here or Anywhere - it's time to let you know"?? Hey I'm looking for a song that says Even in a stormy day I will still love you,even when you're miles away I'll be right next to you I can't live without you, I can't smile without you, Baby I can't do nothing without you. I'm looking for a song lyric "take a look around, take a little look around" I think it was the hook It's a female voice and it was on at my gym. Kind of remix song, not real fast. Did not sound old and was not a remix of Limp Bizkit. I am looking for a song out of the movie "Fast and the Furious 9".

It is a typical spanish song really melodic, not a lot of instruments. Starts off slow and then gets pretty fast. I'm looking for a song with Lyrics by a female "Take a look around, take a little look around" sounded like the hook The Type of song you would here on Chill radio but it wasn't a slow song There a song its goes something like "throw your hands in the air air yea whats up I let em know whats up" and I I can't find it please help.

Am looking for a song I heard on tiktok because I wanna download it. I don't know the full lyrics. That's all I can remember. I can't really hear much from the lyrics. I can't really hear it that clearly. I forgot to put my gmail. My brother and I are putting together a "Running Mix" and there's a song he's trying to find.

Can only remember one line. He heard it on the radio the other day but seemed to think the artist was popular from around this time frame. Thank you!!! Please help, I remember these only lyrics when I was driving home. It goes like this: Baby, take your chance tonight, loving you feels like Every night.? Hello I am looking for an RnB track that someone played on facebook as part of a mix.

Can't find it anywhere. Male singer. Please help me with this song You are the sunshine in my life You are the friend I know You are the light in the dark You are the friend I know. I need help. The song is kinda funky and has a fast rythm. A man sings it. I was exactly searching after the same song till i found it. Maybe you mean the same and i could help you. Olivia Rodrigo - Good 4 u. Does anyone know the song with these lyrics: Don't you know in the snow, Standing still and alone, There's a man with a smile, And that snowman is me.

Searching for this song, It goes like:- and I wanna be with you but I just can't get down on my knee cause you deserve the world and that isn't me so I'll be praying that one day you will find your man who treat you the way that. I think it is a sax

They say love will find you

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Love Will Find You